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Web development, identity, graphic design and digital printing are the main activities of the company. In the field of graphic design and printing, we have been working for over 15 years. The creation of Web sites we started in 2007. Today we carry a full cycle of design creative work - from concept to embodiment in the form of printed products and web implementations.

Our employees have extensive experience of interaction with the large, world-renowned companies. We are located in Russia, however we work not only with domestic, but also with foreign customers.


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Key peoples of our team

  • Maxim A. Kolesov
    art-director, designer

  • Alexey V. Romanov

  • Paul V. Romanov

  • Alexey V. Ivanov

On the terms of outsourcing we invite experts in such areas, as video, 3D, databases, usability, psycholgy and SEO.

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We thank Todd Weinberg and Dmitry Aleksenko for help in choosing the name for this project.

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